Friday, September 1, 2017


Note: It will involve an object perspective


Welcome to 
Founder's Favourites! 

I am accepting inanimate or animal 1st-person perspectives.

The inspiration came from reading hundreds of submissions for my two magazines: Halcyon Days and Perspectives. The manuscripts evoke emotion, tug on my heartstrings, or contain unforgettable messages. I see great potential and talent, but they don't fit the themes. It breaks my heart to reply with "not a fit" or "I wish I could accept this, but" within the body of an email.

Enter the reason for this magazine. It has no theme. I want to shine the light on literary talent—period. Content will contain anything I find memorable, creative, unique, visual, and even simple. Accepted contributors will most likely write about things that are emotionally moving. Not sure I will like your submission? Take a chance! You have nothing to lose. And who knows? You may end up being among the founder's favourites!

If you like variety, this is the magazine for you. It's an online magazine published six times a year. Sorry, but without advertisers, printed copies must be purchased. The reading schedule is ongoing. It is non-paying. I accept reprints and simultaneous submissions.

Guidelines (short list)
* less than 5,000 words, please.
* no sexually explicit or extreme violence/horror.
* accepts poems (non-rhyming or rhyming), haiku, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, inanimate or animal perspectives, essays, plays or any form I haven't thought of.
* acceptable files include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf or text in the body of an email.
* format the document title as such: "Your Name | Title | # of lines/words" 
* email your submission with the subject line reading "Submission, Type (poem, story, perspective, essay, etc), word count/lines" to If it's a simultaneous submission, the subject line reads "FF Submission Sim"
* if you are submitting short stories, include a synopsis/teaser in the email's body.